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The Little Prince著者・編集者サン=テグジュベリ著叢書又は出版社IBCパブリッシング発行年2007年7月NDC837.7You, young gentlemen, might sometimes think ofus, the adults, as authoritarian, superficial or idiotic.This book,“Le Petit Prince”would never deny yourfeeling against the older generation. Instead, itwould rather lead adults to doubt whether we reallysee what is most important.Saint-Exupery, the author of the book, urges us toverify our point of view about each occurrence inthis world, meaning,“Look with the eyes ofchildren!”※本書は英検3級以上のレベルで読むことができる英文リーダーです。併せて和訳『星の王子さま』を読んでみるといいですね。39